2013 Annual Report is here!

Check out our 2013 Annual Report! Click below to read stories about our amazing aging clients and see the past 35 years in review! Thank you for all your support!


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SRC’s Hidden Gem: The Starr Center

“The most rewarding part of my job is to see our participants progress, learn new skills, learn to become more independent, and learn how to change their own behaviors when they need to be changed,” said Patricia Kabot, Site Supervisor of Seniors’ Resource Center’s (SRC) Starr Center. “I love to see them get better. To see them progress is the best.”

SRC’s Starr Center provides opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in the
Denver metro region to make new friends and learn new skills. It offers a variety of lively activities in a structured environment. Participants, ages 18 – 40, learn independent living skills, safety skills and community integration.

Patricia has been the Site Supervisor at the Starr Center since 2012. She worked with developmentally disabled adults in Florida for six years before moving to Colorado. Her passion has always been helping people.

Patricia and Nancy

Patricia and Nancy

The staff doesn’t just teach the participants skills for independence, they also teach them values.

“Recently we went to the Botanical Gardens for Earth Day and the purpose of the trip was to teach the participants about the environment and teach them how to respect it.  We also picked up trash the day before around the Starr Center for Earth Day.”

Patricia has the honor of working with Nancy Ramsey, Program Assistant. Nancy has been working at the Starr Center since they opened their doors in 2007. Nancy started out working at SRC’s Adult Day program 10 years ago.

“About seven years ago we had eight special needs participants at SRC’s Adult Day program who were separated from the seniors because their behaviors didn’t mix. One day Linda Johnston, Director of Adult Day, told me they were going to open a center for developmentally disabled adults,” said Nancy. “I told her that I would really like to work there, even though working with seniors was my first passion. It was and still is really on my heart to help the developmentally disabled.”

According to Nancy, the best thing to happen to her and the Starr Center was the hiring of Patricia. “It was a God Send,” she said.

“The smallest things make you happy working with this population,” said Nancy. “It’s amazing to actually see the participants learn a new skill and hold on to it. It’s just like WOW!”

All of the participants are so positive towards one another. Being around other developmentally disabled adults helps them out a lot. It helps them see there are other people like them that are doing well. They are always cheering each other on, which really helps them feel connected like a family.

Patricia and the rest of the staff always hear good things from the participant’s parents. They express to them how great their adult child is doing and what an awesome job the Starr Center does.

“The parents really love what we do. They love that we are always active, always out and about and always teaching new skills to their children.” Patricia said.

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“Colorado Senior Connections” -Wheat Ridge Top of the Hour (Wheat Ridge Channel 8)

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Saying Farewell to John Walsh

John Zabawa saying goodbye to John Walsh

John Zabawa saying goodbye to John Walsh

As Director of Volunteer Services, John Walsh contributed greatly to Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC). At the farewell party the positive impact he has made was evident as stories of his commitment and hard work were shared and a personalized poem dedicated to him and his time at SRC was read. Staff enjoyed baked goods and signed a banner thanking
John for his hard work, enthusiasm,and willingness to help whenever and wherever he could.IMG_2997

The SRC staff wishes John and his wife safe travels as they set off on a summer trip around the United States to visit friends and family.

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Senior Reach NREPP Celebration








Community partners (Jefferson County for Mental Health, Mental Health Partners and Seniors’ Resource Center) came together to recognize and celebrate the amazing achievements of Senior Reach and being included on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs (NREPP). Congratulations everyone, what an amazing accomplishment.




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Silver Linings- Seniors’ Resource Center

MUST WATCH! Check out this awesome video the City of Arvada made about our wonderful agency :)

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A Match Made in Heaven


Carman and Bobbi

By: Asa Fix, Marketing Coordinator

Ever since Carman and Sam Keene were assigned  Bobbi Watts as their Personal Care Provider (PCP) their life has changed immensely. Carman’s life has turned from black and white to Technic Color. She went from just living, to successfully living.

Bobbi, 70,  has organized Carman’s cupboards, cleaned above the washer and dryer, hung pictures on the walls and cleaned her furniture. At the end of the day laughter and love is the best thing that Bobbi has brought to the table.

2“Laughter is like the human body wagging its tail and ever since Bobbi came into my life I have been wagging my tail constantly,” said Carman. “My life is blooming again and Bobbi and SRC has given me so much more peace and serenity. I feel caressed in love. My heart beats again because of Bobbi and life means so much more.”

Carman and Sam Keene met in the 5th grade when they went to a Boy Scout dance together. Ever since then they have been best friends and sweethearts. They are now 76 and 77 years old and have been married 56 years.

“Sam and I had marvelous lives,” said Carman. “We have been married 56 years, we had children and we were successful. Then multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s, stomach surgeries, diabetes and so many other things happened to us. All of this happened a long time down a very happy road.”

When Carman was a child she broke her back, which she recovered from without any trouble. But, once she started to get older her injury caught up to her. She also went through two hip surgeries. It was impossible for her to take care of the Sam and the house by herself.

One day while she was at the doctor she discovered the Seniors Blue Book and saw Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) advertised.  She was in desperate need of help with chores around the house and with Sam, so she gave us a call. At that point, Carman didn’t know the door of help she had opened.

“The minute I saw Carman something clicked,” said Bobbi. “It’s like we have known each other forever. We think alike. We both said the good Lord sent us for each other. I lost my husband three years ago to cancer. Like Carman, I was just existing.”

Bobbi and Sam

Bobbi and Sam

Many days when Bobbi walks in the door Carman and Sam have 50’s music playing. She comes and grabs Sam’s hands and chair dances with him while he is in his scooter. Sam gets the biggest smile and pretends he is twirling her.

“You are spending the time of your life anyway, but when you are spending the time of your life and having the time of your life it’s so much better,” said Carman.

In Home Care Services at Seniors’ Resource Center provide friendly and affordable non-medical care to individuals in their own home. Trained and bonded Personal Care Providers assist with bathing, dressing, and other personal needs, as well as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and socialization.


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